Save Money for Retirement – Ditch a Car

We're always on the look out for ways to save money for retirement. For us there was one easy no-brainer. One car would be sufficient, thank you. So I sent Dave packing on his bike, and I took possession of the car! LOL! Why you might ask? And you might add, "Poor Dave!" But it … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Improve Self Confidence as you Age

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my self confidence. I've never been overly self assured and now as I get older my self esteem seems to often just get up and go when I need it the most. When I was in my late teens and early twenties pretty much all I thought … [Read more...]

The Best Places to Retire Overseas.

Have you ever wondered where are the best places to retire overseas? Would you retire overseas? Or would you prefer to stay close to friends and family? Let's be frank though, many people are looking for the cheapest places to retire in the world because countries like Australia are considered … [Read more...]

Get Healthy Stay Healthy: 17 Tips for living the Good Life

Get Healthy Stay Healthy We travelled to Perth recently my hubby bound for a Footie match with our son, and me heading for an afternoon’s shopping with my son’s lovely girlfriend. I felt lucky to be living the good life ... and grateful, in as much as I had enough time on my hands to be sociable, … [Read more...]

21 Tips for a Happy Marriage (without Marriage Counselling)

Yes! It's a Yes! On the evening of the day Australians voted Yes to same sex marriage (Yay Australia!) I mulled over the reasons so many of us, straight or gay, want to get married in the first place, and then started thinking about how to keep marriage happy (without resorting to marriage … [Read more...]

The Subtle Art of Gratitude

I was chatting to my cousin the other day over a cup of coffee and we were reminiscing about how quickly life is flashing past. "It wasn't so long ago that I remember my mother saying to us cousins: It really doesn't seem possible that you're all grown up now and having babies yourselves," she … [Read more...]

Purple Bra Day and How to Raise Money for Charity.

There's nothing I like more than a get together with friends over a glass of champagne. What better way to do this than to combine it with raising money for a cause? With the help of 12 lovely friends I recently hosted a Purple Bra Event in support of Breast Cancer Care WA. We raised $420 for the … [Read more...]

The Advantage of Living in the Country

I've been keeping this under my hat, because there were times when I thought I might crack, or regret the decision, or fall completely apart. We kept on asking should we, or shouldn't we, and deeply pondered the advantage of living in the country. You see, we've bought a little house 'down south' … [Read more...]

How to Save Money by buying on Gumtree

I'm all for saving money where I can, and I do quite a lot of shopping over the internet. But it wasn't until my daughter and her boyfriend bought a camper van, and my son  bought a camper trailer from Gumtree that I realised what a great site it is for finding both new and second hand goods … [Read more...]

Personalised Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. Remember the days of burnt toast and runny eggs, when your small children would bring you breakfast in bed when they were little? So special! Talk about personalised mothers day gift ideas - that one was personalised - in many ways. After that came the … [Read more...]