Long haul holidays – Tips on surviving the flight (and being a good air passenger too)

I'm lucky to have been on many long haul holidays, but boy do I dislike long haul travel these days. Terrible conduct, unruly kids, drunkards, un-thoughtfulness and arrogance - I’ve seen it all. Believe me, if I could have been tele transported - I would have chosen that option over long haul … [Read more...]

Senior Travel Advice from a Savvy ex Flight Attendant

Today a guest post from savvy ex flight attendant Nina Burakowski, offering senior travel advice for smart travelling at any age. But hey! You don't need to be a senior to read and benefit from this article ;) Have a good flight! Thanks to Miranda Kerr and her fellow entourage of flying … [Read more...]

Storytellers, Troubadours and Journeymen at the Nannup Music Festival

Yay! The Labour Day holiday in Western Australia heralds the great news that it’s time again for the Nannup Music Festival, a quintessential WA regional music jamboree and creative get-together. Nannup Music Festival Musical Discovery. We love the Nannup Music Festival not least for the diverse … [Read more...]

Planning a trip to Ireland? Compelling reasons to choose Ireland for your next holiday

Sponsored Post. Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Read on for some intriguing reasons to choose Ireland for your next holiday, plus inspiration for planning your trip to the Emerald Isle. When I think about Ireland it’s as if a magic comes over me. The thought of deep green rolling hillsides, … [Read more...]

A Fun Way to Keep Fit and Trim

I don't know about you, but I'm not a lover of intense, heavy duty, adrenalin pumping exercise, but I'm always looking for fun ways to stay fit and trim. Dave and I both love cycling. Getting out in nature, feeling the wind against our skin, covering more kilometres in a shorter time than it … [Read more...]

Why a Short Mid Week Break is Good For You

There's nothing better than a mid week break. There are so many benefits for health, mind and body. We love to hop on the net, and do a search on Google for mid week breaks. I might also type in words like midweek deals, or weekend lodge breaks, or last minute short breaks, or short break holidays, … [Read more...]

Devon holidays by the sea – On the Write Trail in North Devon

The very mention of Devon holidays by the sea sets my heart beating for my heritage and my roots. Specifically North Devon where I've spent many happy summer holidays as a child. I revisit Devon most years to see my family, and this year I went on a literary trail, on a quest to follow in the … [Read more...]

18 Ideas for Christmas Vacations

Are you a traditionalist? Do you stay at home over Christmas or do you spend your Christmas vacations somewhere else? If you've ever wondered where you could go for a different christmas getaway then perhaps these 18 ideas for Christmas Vacations shared by 15 top travel bloggers will give you some … [Read more...]

How not to gain weight on a cruise and other essential cruise tips.

There are some things in life that you think perhaps you'll never do and others that take you quite by surprise and you do do. For instance, I never thought I'd be wondering how not to gain weight on a cruise, but I did, and well, I didn't! Then there's bungee jump (sorree, never no never), jump a … [Read more...]