From Bellboy to Hotel General Manager on Sea Princess

After an amazing 41 years at sea Anthony Pollendine has seen many changes in the cruising world. Starting out first of all as a bellboy working in the elevators, he’s worked his way up from cadet to steward to barman to first pursor, and now holds the very important job of Hotel General Manager on … [Read more...]

Lucy in the sea with dolphins – and where to see dolphins in Australia

I love it when I get emails and photos from readers, especially when they're filled with the joys of living an active, healthy and engaged lifestyle. I met Lucy a few years ago, via the internet. Here's a post I wrote some time ago about online friendships. She lives in the United States, and I … [Read more...]

Oh For the Love of Sports

Quite a few years ago I was something of a sports' widow. My gorgeous husband was fit, lean and competition toned which meant that there were often three of us in the marriage. Me, Him and Sport. And the outcome of that was very often I'd be at home with the kids, while Dave was battling it out … [Read more...]

Inspiring women – Brenda Ellen

Nearly everyday I'm inspired by women in some way. Their strength, their beauty, their creativity, their entrepreneurship and their ability to lead from the hip always makes me want to ask lots of questions to find out what makes them tick! Today I'm interviewing a very inspiring 50+ woman, an … [Read more...]

How to write a book in 18 days or How to Make Your Dreams Come True!

Hello Lovelies, ok I know that not all of you want to write a book, let alone in 18 days, but this post by guest writer Kelly Exeter is about much more than putting your thoughts onto paper. It's more about * Not Procrastinating * and *Going After Your Dreams*. Now whether that does involve … [Read more...]

What Shall I Wear Today? Summer Dresses.

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another What Shall I Wear Monday! Yay! Today's the day when Lifestyle Fifty women readers, gorgeous normal women, show us what they're wearing. They send in a pic, and tell us what they like or don't like about the look they have on, and then offer their tips about … [Read more...]

Climbing Mount Everest on her 60th Birthday

Today's 'My Story'  post is by a gorgeous and adventurous woman who hiked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal to celebrate her 60th birthday. Pam Lynch's story is one that will inspire you to reach into your own bucket of dreams, maybe get out of your comfort zone. and perhaps go and do, or book … [Read more...]

The Lifecycle of a Woman – Everything Changes yet Nothing Changes

Today's guest post in the Your Story section is contributed by lovely  Lifestyle Fifty reader, Ruth Tearle, a dynamic change management consultant from Cape Town in South Africa. What a wonderful gift, thank you Jo! A chance to reflect on one’s life and what it means to be over fifty on this … [Read more...]

Grandmother’s Legacy and a silk kimono

A big thank you today to contributor, Jan Robinson, who has reflected on some heartwarming memories of her Grandmother, along with the life changing legacy she bestowed on Jan. Just what was the legacy and why does a silk kimono come into the story? Read on ... A Grandmother's Legacy. I … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Blogging for older people. How I started blogging after 50.

Ever wondered to yourself, "Why should I start a blog?" Ever thought about the benefits of blogging for older people. Read on and find out how one Lifestyle Fifty reader started blogging later in life - and loves it! But you know what? When I first started writing Lifestyle Fifty, I was worried … [Read more...]