How to Fit Your Bra Correctly and Why a Thong just Won’t Do.

Crikey I hate buying bras. So often I'll get them home and find they're actually too tight or too saggy, because I never pay any attention to the sales ladies who ask me, "Now are you quite sure you know how to fit your bra correctly?" Yes, I reply. Because I want to get in and out of the shop as … [Read more...]

Blogging Friday : The Challenges of Blogging

Bloggie Friday is back! To kick off the return series I'm sharing an infographic about why people start blogs, the challenges of blogging, and what concerns bloggers the most. I've been following Ramsay at Blog Tyrant almost since I started blogging, and can recommend Blog Tyrant as a hugely … [Read more...]

Little Life Lessons: What would your 95 year old self tell you?

We had just been to the movie to see Finding Your Feet which was all kinds of hilarious, heartwarming and inspiring. It offered up lots of little life lessons for later mid-life. It touched on all sorts of issues, and the acting from Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Johanna Lumley, Timothy Spall and … [Read more...]

Trendy Clothes for Women Over 50

It's often hard to find trendy clothes for women over 50 in shops which actually cater for older women. Then again, I think a lot of Lifestyle Fifty readers are turned off by fashion tips and trends as portrayed by skinny nubile nymphets in high fashion magazines. Most of us know that a) we can … [Read more...]

Long haul holidays – Tips on surviving the flight (and being a good air passenger too)

I'm lucky to have been on many long haul holidays, but boy do I dislike long haul travel these days. Terrible conduct, unruly kids, drunkards, un-thoughtfulness and arrogance - I’ve seen it all. Believe me, if I could have been tele transported - I would have chosen that option over long haul … [Read more...]

Want Radiant Looking Skin? Why the Galvanic Spa is my Go-To Beauty Product.

"Use the Galvanic Spa regularly, and people will start to notice you have radiant looking skin. See a difference, or get your money back," my friend told me. I didn't believe her on either count. How could a galvanic spa facial really help my skin look radiant? And if it didn't then surely my … [Read more...]

Comfortable winter ankle boots with attitude

A square shaped package in the post. Now that's a sure way for a surge of Lovin' Life to wash over me - especially when the box involves winter ankle boots. The package came beautifully wrapped ... To reveal a stylish box (so very FRANKiE4) And contained a beautifully made, wonderfully … [Read more...]

Save Money for Retirement – Ditch a Car

We're always on the look out for ways to save money for retirement. For us there was one easy no-brainer. One car would be sufficient, thank you. So I sent Dave packing on his bike, and I took possession of the car! LOL! Why you might ask? And you might add, "Poor Dave!" But it … [Read more...]

Senior Travel Advice from a Savvy ex Flight Attendant

Today a guest post from savvy ex flight attendant Nina Burakowski, offering senior travel advice for smart travelling at any age. But hey! You don't need to be a senior to read and benefit from this article ;) Have a good flight! Thanks to Miranda Kerr and her fellow entourage of flying … [Read more...]

Lessons learnt from life abroad – Memoir Chapter 1

I'm not sure how you completely prevent being seen as an expatriate in an adopted country. Lessons learnt from life abroad include learning chameleon-like traits to fit in with the status quo of the new country, but whether or not that changes the question of your roots and where you've come from, I … [Read more...]