Best Swimsuit for Older Women, 15 Tips for Great Swimwear Style AND A Giveaway!

For me there is nothing worse than buying a swimsuit. The double wammy of trying to find the best swimsuit for older women (yikes, that would be me) and selecting something that fits really well is not easy. When I find a great swimwear style thought I tend to stick with it.

best swimsuit for older women

So the general scenario goes like this: Just before we go on holiday, off I trot to buy a swimsuit. Into the changing rooms I go feeling quite brave and optimistic with a handful of lovely cossies.

Boat scene Western Australia. Best swimsuit for older women post

By the time I’ve dragged the first dainty swimsuit over my ample curves, I don’t want to go on a beach holiday so much after all.  I’m beginning to realise that I haven’t chosen the best swimsuit for older women. but one for midgets.

This first swimsuit by now is sitting high, too high on my leg line, and I realise that I should have at least gone for a bikini wax before venturing out to try on swimming costumes. For without putting too fine a point on it, there appears to be a hairy mammoth trying to escape from the leg hole area (which I admit is a little too tight) and as I turn around to get a glimpse of my rear end I recoil in horror as it appears half of my bum is squidged out the back.

The second swimsuit will be the one I selected because I loved the colour. It’s probably like a scene straight out of Bali Hai. How can I possibly go wrong with this one?

First of all I’ve neglected to acknowledge that it has thin straps, and no bra support. It looks dreadful on me. I sag in all the wrong places.

The next one I’ve selected because it’s got a skirt. It hides the hair farm very nicely. But Ohmigosh – I look like the little old lady that I really Do Not Want to turn into.

Having said all this, I do think we’re unnecessarily hard on ourselves as we get older. Getting out onto the sand or into the pool in public should be fun. To be honest with you, nobody is really watching. They’re all far too concerned about the impression they’re making themselves.

Knowing that we should just get it on, get out and flaunt it is not that helpful if you really are shy of your body in a swimsuit.

So I hope these few simple tips might help you choose a swimsuit which you feel fabulous in and which ultimately gives you confidence.

Read on to the bottom of this post for a cool giveaway and be in with a chance to win a gorgeous Sequins and Sand swimsuit like the one below.

best swimsuits for older women

First things first.

Before venturing to the shops to try on swimsuits, it’s probably best to shave or wax your legs and your bikini line. For me honestly, it makes me feel much better about myself. It’s just not kind to an ageing ego to see a hair farm sprouting out all over your body (unless of course that’s how you prefer to look – I’m not judging – we are all different.)

Sequins and Sand Resort and Plus-Size Swimwear

If you don’t want to go shopping in person, then go online.

My favourite brand of the moment, Sequins and Sand kindly gifted me the swimsuit I’m wearing in this post, and I didn’t have to go out in public to try it on at all 🙂 Oh joy!

I think it’s the best swimsuit for older women. It’s a Capriosca one piece long sleeved in graphic floral, with a zip front, and it fits me perfectly. I’m wearing a Size 12. I love the long length sleeves and high neck because I like to be #sunsmart these days. It also holds me in well in all the right places, and I feel great in it.

best swimsuit for older women

Sequins and Sand design and sell fabulous resort wear and plus-size swimwear of all descriptions. If you need a little support, or some FREE styling advice then pop over to the Sequins and Sand website for some help from the experts.

Scroll down for a Giveaway to win a swimsuit valued up to AU$150

Best swimsuit for women over 50, Sequins and Sand long sleeve cossie

To Bikini or Not?

By all means buy a bikini if you love them. Our bodies are instruments not ornaments and we should be proud of them whatever their shape. I’m all for bikini confidence if you can muster it. After 2 caesarean sections, and not keeping up with the prescribed tummy exercises, I’m afraid a bikini is just not for me.

Tips for great swimwear style

  1. V- necks can be slimming as the eye is drawn downwards to your cleavage.
  2. One of the best swimsuits I’ve ever owned was black with a little gold detail. It looked classy, made me look slimmer, and oh la la, I felt sexy.
  3. A full swimsuit with arms and a high neck is perfect if you want to spend long hours playing in the sun. Sunsmart is always sexy. Read this post: Sunsafety and Melanomas – What you need to know
  4. If you have a large bust, then go for a wider strap on the swimsuit. Leave those spaghetti straps to the less well endowed (or youngsters).
  5. Shirring or draping on a swimsuit can help disguise a fuller tummy.
  6. Although a swimsuit with a skirt attached can be ageing, if it makes you feel more confident about getting out there to swim and play then by all means wear it. If you don’t like showing too much flesh around the top of your legs and bum then rather be on the look out for swim dresses, which have more of an A-line shape to them as opposed to a swirly skirt. You might find swim dresses are more flattering.
  7. Tankinis can be tricky.  The tops ride up and the bottoms can ride down – if you have a bit of a problem tummy area then Ahem, you might be showing off more of it than you bargained for.  And also, just saying … support for the girls. Tankinis rarely have good lift and separate support.
  8. It’s better to spend money on a fabulous swimsuit rather than buying something cheap just because it’s in a sale. Hands up who’s done this and been disappointed? (ME!)
  9. The best swimwear fabric is pretty high-tech and will hold you in taking centimetres off the way you look. Plus the best high-tech fabrics are more likely to last the race and should keep their shape despite constant wearing, despite ocean battering and despite chlorine decay. But do check what you’re buying.
  10. As we get older we need good bra support.
  11. If you don’t need good bra support you might need padding to give you better shape ‘up top’.
  12. We definitely need the best engineered swimwear when it comes to construction as we get older.
  13. Have fun choosing the colour. Are you a tropical bird and love bright colours? Go for it! Do you love the flowery look or the block colour look? It goes without saying that a black swimsuit is likely to be the most slimming of all, and with a little gold or silver detail you are going to look elegantly fabulous.
  14. Most of all spend a little thought and time finding a well-fitting costume and then as the folks at Sequins and Sand say – step out with #cossieconfidence!
  15. Finally, don’t forget a pretty sarong, a wide brimmed sun hat, your sunscreen and some comfy flip-flops and away you go 🙂

You ARE fabulous!


The kind folks at Sequins and Sand have offered a swimsuit to the value of AU$150 for one lucky Lifestyle Fifty reader.

Enter for a chance to Win a Sequins and Sand Swimming Costume

In order to be in with a chance to win a Sequins and Sand cossie up to the value of AU$150 please follow these few simple rules.

In the comments section below this post please share with us …

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  2. Sign up for the Sequins and Sand Newsletter.  Sign up HERE. (All entrants who sign up will receive a Thank You email in which you’ll find a code for 10% discount on Sequins and Sand purchases).
  3. Share with us your top tips for holiday “Cossie Confidence” in the comments section below, and make sure to add the hashtags: #CossieConfidence #SignedUp to confirm you’ve signed up for the Sequins and Sand Newsletter.
  4. The closing date for this competition is Thursday 1st February 2018.

To win this giveaway you must follow the above rules and have read and comply with Lifestyle Fifty’s general Giveaway Entry Competition Conditions . The judges will select the winner based on the #CossieConfidence tips they consider most helpful for others.

Please PIN the image below. Happy Pinning!

Best swimwear for older women, Plus 15 top tips on choosing the best swimsuit FOR YOU whatever your age. Resort Wear. Plus-Size Swimwear.

Update: 7th February 2018. This competition is now closed. The winner, Annabel, has been notified by email.

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  • Life Images by Jill

    I usually choose something which is chlorine resistant so it won’t disintegrate if I go to a chlorine pool. I like the look of the Capriosca one piece peacock feather suit. I also love the little wrap skirts to hide some of that bum and top of thigh. It is a younger look than the skirt bathers. I too hate trying on bathers, but they do need to fit, so how can one really choose on-line? Though I see they have a return policy if you aren’t happy. But they do have some fabulous looking swim suits. Happy summer Jo. #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hi Jill, I think online is always a bit of a gamble but if you know your size (and make sure it matches the sizing chart on the website) then as long as you like the look of the swimsuit you should be fine. And yes … returns policy … okay not ideal if you have to send it back, but at least it’s an option. They are lovely swimsuits and mine was true to size.

  • Jo Tracey

    I love a tankini but they don’t work for me – the top rides up & the bottom down. I spend a lot of time in swimmers but recently went to buy some for lap swimming – my old fave black speedos are now cut way too low in the back and way to narrow everywhere else & everything hangs out! As an aside, my 76 year old mum still rocks a bikini & a bikini pose. #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hello Jo, I’m so glad your 76 year old Mum is still rocking #cossieconfidence. I also know what it’s like when you find a style you once relied on has completely changed. Bummer!

  • Reply

    Love the colours Jo. I think everyone no matter what age hates buying a swimsuit. Especially when you look in those dressing room mirrors!!!! You are looking very stylish and certainly Sizzling!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Johanna

      Thanks Sizzling Sue 🙂 I know … dressing room mirrors. Surely we’d buy much more if only they were flattering rather than fattening?

  • Annabel Candy

    I’d pick the Janie One Piece in Zingara by SunSoaked from the Sequin and Sands store. It’s stunning.

    As for confidence tips, I’ve noticed beach lovers come in all shapes and sizes so we should all feel confident, no matter what shape we’re in, or how old we are. However, for those blah beach days, a beautiful sheer cover-up helps and somehow makes me look and feel glamorous. Here’s a bonus tip too: busy patterns always make you look smaller. It sounds counterintuitive but it’s true!

    Thank you for organising this Jo and good luck to all.

    #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hi Annabel, that’s interesting about busy patterns 🙂 I’ve never thought about it, but actually looking back on my various cossies over the years … it’s a fact! Good luck in the competition 🙂

  • Carol

    Forgot the hashtags #cossieconfidence #signedup to my original post. My tip- just be yourself and don’t worry about what others think. If you’re comfortable that’s should be all that matters.

    • Johanna

      I agree Carol – we need to have more faith in ourselves every which way. Good luck in the competition!

  • Carol

    Caprosia chlorine resistant suit in red, which is on sale, but I live in the U.S. and the size conversion and shipping – goodness gracious! Plus, if it doesn’t fit I don’t think free shipping would apply. Anyway, they are beautiful suits and I would love to try one.

  • Julia Turner

    My tip for cozzie confidence for short ladies with a bit of a tummy and an average size bust is to go for a one piece with ruching over the stomach and a sweetheart neckline for a flattering look. The ruching hides the belly and the sweetheart neckline draws attention up and away from the stomach. I also like the small swim skirts or low cut leg one pieces with the ruching to help with both the hair issue and covering a flabby top of leg.:) I have tried tankinis, unsuccessfully before – I found, like you said Jo, that the top rode up and the bottom rode down. I find plain black a bit harsh for my pale skin, seems to drain the colour out of me, and think a colour or pattern is much more flattering for me. I would really love to win the Capriosca Black Retro Check one piece swimsuit because it ticks all those boxes! #CossieConfidence#SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Ohh the Capriosca Black Retro Check one piece is gorgeous isn’t it Julia 🙂 Good luck in the competition!

  • Shirley

    Confidence for me is wearing a beautiful swim dress that suits my curvy figure and helps me feel like really enjoying life in the summer on the beach or at the pool, just living life and having fun. I love the styles of the Capriosca Swim dresses and the bright colours with the black on some of the costumes and would love love to own one. #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hi Shirley, I hope you are having fun this summer. Good luck in the competition.

  • Kathy Marris

    Cossie confidence for me is finding a style that suits your shape and not trying to squeeze yourself into a swimsuit that is either too young or too revealing. Over the years, because I have a short torso, a tummy and big boobs, I’ve found the tankini style is best for me. Most tankinis come in D cup size with under-wiring which is great for me and they skim over the tummy area to disguise the flab. The Capriosca Swimwear Underwire Tankini Top in Batik would be the perfect swimwear for me. I love batik print and the v neck on the top would be so flattering. #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hi Kathy, I think batik print is gorgeous too. Good luck in the competition!

  • Seana Smith

    What a fab competition, I had heard of Sequins and Sand but hadn’t been to their website before. I haven’t ever seen a one piece with long sleeves and am thrilled to, no need for a rashie any more. My fave is: SunSoaked Emma Long Sleeve One Piece in Bella Rosa. Very happy to be signed up now.

    I have only worn Speedos for years and years…. and years and years and years….. time for a change, but I do need real cossies not show ones and these look as if they could join me in the ocean and come out looking as good as they went in.

    #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hello Seanna, glad this competition has enticed you over to the Sequins and Sand website for a looksie, and glad that you like what you see. I know … long sleeves 🙂 🙂 #norashieneeded! Good luck in the competition!

  • Gale

    Oooh – Jo the pictures of “real people” models is so refreshing! These cossies look great – I especially love the Capriosca long sleeve Zip Front one piece particularly when I read it has a “sturdy shelf bra” – just what my DD boobs have to have! The idea of being relatively covered up is so appealing too with my fair skin. # CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Just what I thought too Gale – real women with real bodies, enjoying swimwear. #Marvellous Keeping relatively covered up when you have fair skin is definitely something we all need to pay heed too – especially now we know the damage UV can do to us.

  • Leanne Le Cras

    Jo I love these bathers – you look spectacular in yours and I really like how the models have real bodies (some soft tummies make a nice change!) I thought I’d be first to jump in and put my had up to win because I’m seriously considering getting back into swimming laps at our local pool and need something that is chlorine resistant to stop them perishing. I’m long in the body so I actually like tankinis and I love the little boy bottoms (they reduce the “hair farming” required) so I’d choose the Capriosca Chlorine Resistant Tankini Top Black + the Capriosca Boyleg Pant | Black (in the hope I’d look like the model in the pic!) I’ve ticked off your conditions of entry and look forward to seeing who wins 🙂 #CossieConfidence #SignedUp

    • Johanna

      Hello Leanne, Thank you so much. Also great to hear that you’re thinking of getting back into swimming laps at the local pool. Oh the Capriosca Tankini you like looks gorgeous! Good luck in the competition!

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